Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Cambridgeshire

The roof coating or roof sealing is undertaken once the mortar repairs have had time to fully cure. This process also requires favourable weather conditions and for the tiles to be dry, so in most cases this is carried out on the day following the clean, however some properties with deeply shaded north facing elevations may need an extra period of drying time.

The most appropriate method of applying one of the coloured coatings from Smartseal's Climashield™ product range is with an airless sprayer. All of our registered installers apply the product in this way after initially cutting in the perimeter by hand to reduce any possible over-spray situation.

As an additional precautionary measure all sensitive areas including conservatory roof's , facias and soffits and some windows may also need to be covered.

For customers who prefer the "sandstone"appearance of freshly cleaned concrete tiles or for clay or slate roofs then the application of a clear acrylic sealer can be applied.

The coloured roof coating allows the tiles to flex, expel moisture and contains a moss/algae inhibitor within the chemical compound. The first coat applied to the concrete tiles is heavier than the second as the properties of the coatings are such that it penetrates deeply into the tile strata which ensures longevity in colour retention and it's protective element.

After a suitable drying time the roof is recoated with a secondary application that reinforces the depth of colour and protective nature.

The site is rechecked with a customer walk round to complete the process.

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We have registered installers throughout the county including Cambridge, Huntingdon, Peterborough, Ely, Girton, Great Shelford, Sawston, Stilton, Sawtry, St.Neots and Wisbech.


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Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Cambridgeshire image
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