Roof Cleaning Cambridgeshire

Roof cleaning is a daunting task for homeowners to take upon themselves as a DIY project.

Having identified the problems that moss on your roof can cause along with the deterioration in the overall appearance to your property the most sensible course of action is to employ the services of a professional roof cleaning company to ensure the work is carried out safely and effectively and at a fair and reasonable cost.

At the initial survey stage a safe and most appropriate method to access the roof would have been discussed with the homeowner this could be the use of a cherry picker, temporary scaffolding, a tower or traditional roofing ladders.

On arrival at the site all down pipes for the guttering system will be blocked or removed from the main drainage system to eliminate any problems caused with moss subsequently blocking the drains, dependent on the roof condition and moss ingress it maybe a requirement to sheet up significant parts of the ground floor surface area particularly if flower beds and specimen plants are at risk.

The pressure washing of your roof tiles is the most effective way of removing years of moss, algae and airborne dirt and pollutants, working from the apex down the operator works diligently on each tile paying particular attention to any broken or cracked tiles that will need replacing.

Whilst the roof based operative is cleaning the roof tiles  the ground based clean up starts with all residue from the roof removed from the property at the day's end. Particular attention is given to any neighbouring properties that experience over spray from the moss ,were possible this will also be removed and tidied up.

Once the roof has been cleaned all gutters, soffits, windows and walls are lightly pressure washed to remove all evidence of the detritus from the roof.

This completes stage 1 of the process before we undertake any remedial repairs or go straight to applying the roof coating.

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Our registered installers cover the county of Cambridgeshire including Cambridge, Huntingdon, Peterborough, Ely, Girton, Great Shelford, Sawston, Stilton, Sawtry, St.Neots and Wisbech.


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