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In recent years Cambridgeshirehas experienced seen a rapid rise in the demand for professional roof cleaning services. Homeowners have found it difficult to keep their roof tiles looking clean as the damp micro-climate in Cambridgeshire has accelerated the growth of moss and lichen on roofs.

When you are looking for a company, make sure you select one with the professional expertise that also has all the right insurances in place for added peace of mind.

All roof coating products used are manufactured in the UK to exacting standards and are formulated to provide roof tiles with effective barriers against inclement weather conditions. The roof coatings and roof sealers can be applied by one of our registered roofing contractors or we can also supply them for a DIY roof cleaning and sealing project.

If you are intending to carry our a DIY roof restoration project, make sure you apply an effective biocide to kill any moss or algae spores that may be present. A good anti-fungicide will help to keep your roof looking cleaner over a much longer period.

If the erection of a temporary scaffold is required to access particularly challenging roof lines then this will be installed a day or two prior to the main work of roof cleaning starting. If a tower scaffold or cherry picker is required to safely carry out the work then these will be arranged on the day. Find Out More

• Provides a protective barrier against fungal growth (moss, lichen etc)

• Enhances original colouring of roof tiles.

• Very effective in filtering out damaging UV light.

• The coatings help prevent vapour build up which encourages moss and algae growth.

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• Replace any deteriorating mortar between crests, ridge and hip tiles.

• Re-pointing of lead flashing.

• Ridges and crests re-bedded.

• Damaged roof tiles replaced.

• Any chimney stacks checked for pointing repairs.

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